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Medmerry Nature Reserve - just after Dawn: 1st June 2020

Well, it's our first blog post since the start of the year folks, and long overdue, but obviously it's been restrictive due to the current situation. We awoke at 5am and peeked out of the bedroom window to what was again shaping up to be a fine day. Out the door by 05:20 we were pulling up in the car park at Medmerry Nature Reserve by 05:30, with just one other early riser's car there ,and the sun already quite high in the clear blue sky. The path that runs around the reserve is easy to navigate, with viewing points along the way, and is definitely one of our favourite local walks at any time of year. A short walk along the ...

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Church Norton: 8th December 2019

Starting off from the car park at Church Norton, we headed down past the Mound (more of that later)  and then South heading along the shore of the harbour towards the beach. You'd never know it was that windy with the wood to the right of you offering plenty of protection. Mr. Whimbrel was there again, delicately walking and feeding in the exposed mud. On reaching the beach five minutes later, we then turned east and headed along the shingle path that run parallel with the beach.  Just a few people around on this Sunny and so far dry Sunday. Even at this time of year there is still some colour to be seen with the Gorse bushes flowering and...

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