Pagham Harbour Thursday 28th November 2019

Pagham Harbour Thursday 28th November 2019

Decided on a visit to Pagham Harbour, but from the Pagham side this time. Mid morning as usual and the sun was actually shining, with lovely blue skies, which was fab after all that rain and grey clouds.

Walking up the rather muddy path alongside Church Farm caravan park, is not long before you come across the Pagham Lagoon. In the lovely clear air and blue skies, the water took on an almost tropical effect.

We walked right up to the beach, and there was some really lovely spin-drift being produced by the waves,as the crests caught the light breeze.

Looking eastwards that blue sky was fabulous, and again it felt almost Spring-like. A great day to be out and about.


Walking back along the shore and westwards, Chichester Cathedral can be seen, appearing to nestle in the trees, across the harbour. It's hard to be from this view that's it's in the middle of a City.

Likewise, Church Norton Chapel viewed from the same spot, appears snug within the woodland, on the western side of the harbour.

We then headed back down the path towards the North wall of Pagham harbour. All that rain had made it decidedly muddy, and it was a slippery and squelchy walk for the next 15 minutes. The dog surprisingly, didn't appear to be that muddy. Weird!

Lastly we walked down to the Salt House at Lower Welbourne, right next to the North wall. Built in the C18, it's a lovely little stone rubble building, and is grade II listed.

As it was now about lunchtime, we then walked back to the car, and headed home for Brie and pickle, French sticks. Yum!

John and Jean.


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