Church Norton: 8th December 2019

Starting off from the car park at Church Norton, we headed down past the Mound (more of that later)  and then South heading along the shore of the harbour towards the beach.

You'd never know it was that windy with the wood to the right of you offering plenty of protection. Mr. Whimbrel was there again, delicately walking and feeding in the exposed mud.

On reaching the beach five minutes later, we then turned east and headed along the shingle path that run parallel with the beach.  Just a few people around on this Sunny and so far dry Sunday.

Even at this time of year there is still some colour to be seen with the Gorse bushes flowering and even the abundant Summer plant Red Valerian, can be spotted in it's last throes of flowering.

It only takes fifteen minutes or so, and we had reached the start of the spit and where Pagham harbour enters the sea. Some lovely blue skies looking east and blue and green waters.

Great views across the Spit towards Bognor with a couple of windsurfers out, enjoying the wind and surf.

We stayed here a while and mooched around, and as is often the case, came across a sea urchin washed up on the beach, to add to our collection.

We turned for home and retraced our steps, meeting just one other couple on the way, as not everyone walks right to the end.

Pebble always enjoys this walk with plenty of smells to keep her busy.


There is always that magical view across Pagham Harbour to Chichester Cathedral to be seen when heading back. Although looking North, it appeared decidedly Winter-ish.

Heading back against a strengthening wind was a good workout, and twenty minutes later, we were back at the car park next to the Mound.

It's an interesting feature with history dating back a few thousand years. It was an C11 stone tower castle and moat and traces of possible Iron Age occupation have also been found, along with neolithic flint scrapers.

Right next to the Mound is St. Wilfred's Chapel which is C13, and is the remains of the original church of which the rest was moved to Selsey in the 1860's.

It's such a lovely chapel in a beautiful location. Here's the Lych Gate at the entrance.


That's another walk done, on a blustery Sunday morning, so we headed home for Chai tea and Ginger biscuits.

Pebble had her regular lunchtime fish snack, and then just relaxed.

We hope you enjoyed our latest walk blog!


John and Jean.


  • Coastal JJ

    Thanks Frank, Jean and I are pleased you liked the blog. We’ll keep the photos and blogs coming.

  • Frank Austin

    Great pics and a nice walk, glad you shared it.
    We are home now in Surrey having had a lovely weekend in our little place of escape.
    Not down now until after Xmas, so keep the pics coming so we don’t miss it too much!

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