Chichester Canal - Donnington to Hunston: 24th November 2019

Well folks, we thought it time that we started a blog, so we can expand a little bit more on the photos we take when on our daily walks.

This is a beautiful part of West Sussex, whatever the season and maybe a few words tacked onto the photos might give you more of a feel for who we are.

A pleasant walk from Donnington to Hunston along the old Chichester canal tow path. Blue skies for much of the way, and surprisingly warm. It felt like Spring, but alas we're at the wrong end of the year for that.

5 minutes into the walk along the muddy tow-path we came across a juvenile Cormorant drying it's wings, and seemed totally unconcerned with us watching from the opposite bank.

Some lovely Autumnal colours and reflections in the still waters, as there was little or no wind, and 20 minutes into the walk we were feeling pleasantly warm.    


Further along we came across a rather majestic heron, which we are sure we have seen along the canal before, as it also seems completely unfazed by people being relatively close. Heron's are strange birds, with that enormous wingspan and relatively small and yet lengthy body.

Nearing the Hunston end of the canal at the bend, there are a couple of lovely houses adjacent to the water, and at this stage the cloud cover started to roll in, and that lovely sunlight and relative warmth ebbed away.

Final view was from the bridge over the canal at Hunston,looking towards Chichester Cathedral. It's truly an iconic view, photos of which we have taken many times, but it's always subtly different.

We then set off back to the car, retracing our route, and home for tea and cake.

We'll be back to do this walk again soon.

Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion folks!


John and Jean.


  • Coastal JJ

    Many thanks Sue, glad you liked it.

  • Sue Lintott

    What a good idea! Look forward to reading the next one.

  • Coastal JJ

    Thanks Jackie, glad you liked it.😀

  • Jackie

    Thanks Jean and John. Lovely reflections. Will look forward to your next blog

  • John -Coastal JJ

    Many thanks for the great comments, Marcia and Paul, Jean and I are happy you like the blog idea.

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