'Seagull Sunset' Canvas Print
'Seagull Sunset' Canvas Print

'Seagull Sunset' Canvas Print

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'Seagull Sunset' Canvas Print. 

Taken in the Winter of 2021, the lovely golden hues of sunset give a certain warmth to this image, despite the freezing Easterly winds keeping the temperature well below freezing. The Gulls on the beach flew up at just the right time to give movement to the photo.

Our canvas prints are a combination of first-rate canvas fabric and an HP UV protected, latex ink rendition of the image.

Mirrored at the edges and stretched over a hand-crafted 38mm wooden frame, each print comes supplied with a hanging bracket (to be fitted) and wall hook.

As these products are hand-made to order, the delivery time is approximately ten days, from the placing of the order.