'Pillar of the Sun' Canvas Print
'Pillar of the Sun' Canvas Print

'Pillar of the Sun' Canvas Print

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'Pillar of the Sun' Canvas Print. 

Taken in the Summer at Selsey, the fairly rare event of a sun pillar, stretches up high into the sky. These are formed at sunrise or sunset by ice crystals. The hexagonal plate-like ice crystals fall with a horizontal orientation, gently rocking from side to side as they fall.

A calm sea and the stillness of the morning, with the low light conditions, would make for a somewhat moody canvas, but the blue skies and sun pillar lift it wonderfully.

Our canvas prints are a combination of first-rate canvas fabric and an HP UV protected, latex ink rendition of the image.

Mirrored at the edges and stretched over a hand-crafted 38mm wooden frame, each print comes supplied with a hanging bracket (to be fitted) and wall hook.

As these products are hand-made to order, the delivery time is approximately ten days, from the placing of the order.