'Cool Blue Sunset' Canvas Print
'Cool Blue Sunset' Canvas Print

'Cool Blue Sunset' Canvas Print

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'Cool Blue Sunset' Canvas Print. 

Taken during the Autumn of 2020, despite the clouds on the horizon, the sun still manages a glint of orange on the horizon over the Isle of Wight. The predominate colour and feel is of a blue tinted sunset, which gives an Autumnal feel.

This print is only available as a 100cm x 50cm print as we feel a smaller print will detract from the dramatic image.

Our canvas prints are a combination of first-rate canvas fabric and an HP UV protected, latex ink rendition of the image.

Mirrored at the edges and stretched over a hand-crafted 38mm wooden frame, each print comes supplied with a hanging bracket.

As these products are hand-made to order, the delivery time is approximately ten days, from the placing of the order.