'Late Summer Sparkle' - Worktop Saver

'Late Summer Sparkle' - Worktop Saver

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'Late Summer Sparkle' - Worktop Saver


Taken in mid August 2020, a grey, rainy day was followed by a beautiful blue sky and blue sea evening.  We had heavy rain and leaden skies for most of the day. Yet at around 5pm it all cleared, and we were treated to this. The sandy shallows were crystal clear, and felt quite warm as we paddled in them. A wonderful time was spent on this glorious evening.

These large, heat resistant, tempered glass worktop savers, feature some of our most popular images. Ideal to place cups of tea or coffee on, and saving your worktop at the same time. They also add a splash of colour to your kitchen.

Beautifully finished and hard-wearing, they have a heatproof surface and anti slip rubber feet.

Product Size
Large: 280 mm x 390 mm

Please note: The image here is computer generated, to give an approximation of the finished product. The glass finish will naturally soften the image slightly.

The tea cup and biscuits will not appear on the finished product, and just give a representation of the board in use.

Wipe clean only - Not dishwasher safe. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as bleach.